In Costa Rica, Puravida means thanks for everything, our life will be alright, suggesting that one person’s life is very short and small in terms of earth and global activity.


Goal of Puravida Technologies LLC. is to contribute to society first from the ones that are close to you. Our company take care of your family, close friend and environment around you, utilizing Deep Learning and other advanced technologies. 

Japan is super aging society and dementia, dying alone, and medical insurance system is facing serious issues. MHLW (Ministry of Health, labor and Welfare or Japanese FDA) is considering to use AI (deep learning) into current medical reimbursement system to mitigate expanding costs. Japan have the highest ratio of CT/MRI population but lowest number of radiologist.

To contribute to this fast growing aging society and answer to the high needs for high quality medical care, our company improve the environment of  diagnosis and surgery by utilizing AI (Deep Learning). Furthermore, efficient and rapid detection of diseases and effective curing program lead not only to enhance QLO, but also lessen expanding medical expense of the government.

Japanese society is aging day by day, and there is high demands for elderly care and people get desperate to find “Place for Elderly”. Although the ratio of elderly people is getting higher and higher, it is widely known that there are not enough caregiver and there will be even lesser in the future. 


Our company will provide AI technologies to cope with following problem that Japanese society would be faced due to lack of care for elderly; Dying alone, insufficient care, Lack of doctors and caregivers to perform home visits. To support such aging society, we will combine AI with one - room apartment. Installing monitoring camera with AI in the room, emergency or accident could be detected without the eye of caregiver or doctor.